Weavers of knit denim, the LA based designers, Knorts propose faux animal skin textures in their Skins Collection. Knorts elevate the denim material to high fashion sculptural pieces that have dragon skin like qualities. Both disruptive and cruelty free, the collection is inspired by nature without taking from it. Celebrity-approved too, Kendall Jenner was photographed in their bikini-not-bikini top. Knorts is anything but ordinary. Emma Chamberlain, SZA and Saweetie can be counted amongst their celebrity supporters. Woven into one piece without off-cut wastage the designs are sustainable despite their decadent appearance.
Figure-hugging and elegant, the flattering cuts look polished whilst still being comfy. The brand offer that “just out of a yoga class” warm feeling with the look of a rockstar. Skins Collection marries the ease of activewear with the edginess of denim. Indigo-died or ecru the garments are hand loom woven right in LA. These are pieces to be treasured like your favourite Levi jacket. The designs blossomed from Eleanore Guthrie’s imagination who values high mobility when cycling in jeans or knitted shorts. Knitting denim was her next step, to capture the intimate pleasure of free movement in a knitwear piece suitable for cooler weather. The garments subvert what you expect from a denim as they stretch and move with your body, just like the faux-animal design there is more than what meets the eye to this brand.
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