Kito Jempere manages to maintain a “calm family life in Saint Petersburg, Russia,” alongside his day job, which involves producing EDM tracks described as balearic, owing to their destiny for Ibiza’s greatest stages. While many of these sets remain blaring until seven in the morning, the artist happily goes home early. When asked what’s “really doing it” for him in the world of music right now, he answers: “My son; When he plays some keys, I go crazy.” But today, he releases The Sound of Love, a new track where electronic dance music meets metal, meets early nineties mellow pads and vocal drama.
It is hard to describe in words, and fortunately, there’s no need– The Sound of Love is best left undefined, enjoyed by Ibiza, Prague, Copenhagen, and Berlin’s most devout night owls under a blanket of darkness and blaring LEDs. Hailing from a city where EDM-focused nightlife is on the rise but still far behind what’s on offer in other European metropolises, the slavic artist has learned to venture out. The Sound of Love is co-parented by Kito Jempere and Italian duo Hard Ton – self-described as “your larger-than-life singer, producer, performer and freak” – who contributes vocals. Also indispensable to the piece is its producer, New Zealander Eden Burns, who first encountered battered, dollar bin techno-house records during his teenage years, and has been DJ-ing and producing music ever since. 
Despite his own focus on acoustics, Kito has a particular vision for which graphics should accompany his sound. His aesthetic visions are realized by Milka and Pech0ng, both Russian graphic designers with an affinity for colorful, dynamic art; their psychedelic eye is a perfect compliment to Jempere’s trippily-inclined ear. The release of The Sound of Love means it's coming just in time to get us through the summer, be it as we repose on a white sand Menorca shore, get lost in the crowd of a Mykonos discotech, or seek a background sound fit to convert any pre-game dinner into the main event.