This holiday season in New York, skip the traditional commercial displays that feature bright lights that dazzle but leave you wanting more. If you head down to Kasher|Potmakin gallery located in Chelsea, you will find a new enriching way to start the season and the missing magic. The current installation is called "Gilded Forest: The Holiday Show". The theme is taken from the environment that surrounds New York City from the bustling streets to the auburn trees. Inside the gallery, it is nature reinvented through earthly tones and organic materials
It features thirty-four artists from different disciplines who use many materials that can be found in nature. Woodwork from Stephan Rurak, Bone and Brass work from Jessica Joslin, Glass and Rhinestone work from Nancy Josephson, and many more. Each artist helps bring back the fantasy and old lore of fall and winter.
Steven Kasher and Andi Potamkin' vision of making high art more accessible is fully realized.It is made possible because of their implementation of a cash and buy policy which allows instant gratification. A gallery unlike any others, it gives a feast for the eyes that you can take home with you that day. The works range from $400-14,000 and nearly all are exclusively found at Kasher|Potamkin. With so many breath-taking pieces it is no wonder that many pieces are finding new homes before the last leaf has fallen.
The show runs until December 20th, 2014.