Alt-pop singer Kara Connolly is just in time for spooky season with her new single, Magic. But don’t get it twisted; her new song isn’t about spells, wands, or fantasy creatures. Instead, it’s about the magic of improvising, of letting go and let the universe energies flow around you. If you’re in for a treat (and not a trick), just dance away to her new single, out today!
“I’m a total perfectionist and I try my best to control anything and everything, especially when it comes to myself—and especially when it comes to my career. I wrote this song as a reminder to myself, and hopefully others, that the best things in life happen when you let go a little and leave room for some magic,” Kara says about Magic. And we couldn’t agree more. Of course, it is natural to want to control certain (or most) aspects of your life, but you can’t plan everything beforehand and, more especially, you can’t anticipate the happy accidents that happen. That’s called… life. So for such a perfectionist, Magic encapsulates everything we should do from time to time: let your hair down.
With this in mind, Connolly’s new single is her most danceable, club-ready yet. Earlier this year, the American singer, producer, and songwriter surprised her audience with a couple of singles: the intimate Build A Dream, released in March, and the empowering Over You, which became a summer anthem. Now, ahead of her upcoming album, California Queen, set to release in early 2024, she’s released this electrifying song to let us dance while we wait for the full record.
“Life can be heavy at times and I know that I, personally, fall into a never-ending feedback loop of feeling like I’m not enough or that I could be doing more. The antidote is to remain present, embrace imperfection, give ourselves the space to witness the wonder all around us, and to dance off our negative thoughts,” Kara muses.