Last week, Kali Uchis revealed two major news: first, her highly anticipated new album, Orquídeas, where the American Colombian singer searches for her Latin identity and roots by delving into genres like merengue, cumbia, and bolero. And secondly, she’s pregnant! She revealed so in the combined music video of tracks Tu corazón es mío and Diosa, starring her partner Don Toliver. Today, she’s back to feeding her audience with more music videos, and this time, the internet still isn’t ready: it’s her song Igual que un ángel with Mexican powerhouse Peso Pluma, both of which seem to enjoy their coquette era. Watch it here!
Pink-tainted and ‘70s-inspired, the music video that comes with the anthem is a coquette fantasy that perfectly encapsulate’s today’s trends. We see a super pregnant Kali Uchis in a lace bodysuit and pink feathers, her face beat for the gods and glowing as usual, accompanied by a couple of dancers, a drummer, and a keyboardist. Then, Peso Pluma appears against a titillating glass backdrop with a soothing voice that harmoises perfectly with Uchis’. A match made in heaven – pun intended.
Merging Spanish and English seamlessly in the lyrics, Uchis’ and Peso Pluma’s new song speaks of an angel sent from heaven who doesn’t look for money and fame but rather peace of mind. “You should've seen the way she looked, igual que un ángel / Heaven’s her residence y ella no se va a caer / They just can’t reach her, princesita inalcanzable,” Kali sings with her dreamlike voice. “Todos quieren plata, otros quieren fama / Un amor superficial / Pero ella quiere calma, no dañar su alma / Nunca se olvida de lo real,” they sing together in the pre-chorus. Now, all we wish is for her to get a pair of wings and tour the world with her new album. However, it seems that we won’t be seeing her on a stage for all of 2024, so fingers crossed for next year.