A parallel universe where time stops and the forces of the night create a unique atmosphere. Kae Sera takes us into this magical ecosystem in her new single, The Moon. The emerging East London based singer now presents an absolutely expansive track capable of generating sensations that transcend the sound and enter the realm of the energetic. This new release showcases her thought process after receiving a late-night message from an ex-lover, making music a way of communication in which reason and emotion merge in an interesting experimental landscape.
“It is definitely a heartbreak song for those who are seeking answers about post break up communication,” Kae Sera explains about her new single, The Moon. A piece of just over 4 minutes in which the artist urges us to remain present and understand the past, in a forceful declaration of intent that starts from her own life experience. “I hope it helps people accept the fact that they will never fully understand the reason why an ex contacts them, but know that you can get a sense of closure from recognising the patterns of messages playing out,” she adds. And it is that through a musical proposal in which electro-pop meets the reminiscences of the fifties and sixties, her sound (and message) is absolutely personal.

Originally from Liverpool, the singer seems to have convinced her audience with this new single, which has already exceeded fifty thousand reproductions on Spotify in just a few weeks. Quite an achievement for an emerging artist who makes the truth her banner and through delicate sounds (coupled with a confessed fascination for literature and poetry) make her style recognisable. The Moon is like a halo of light in the middle of a starry night that illuminates our path.