Sweden based, British born Nigerian, Joshua Idehen has one of the most powerful voices on the music scene today. The single he’s releasing today, I Got You Every Step Of The Way, consolidates him as a mainstay of the United Kingdom jazz/electronic scene, after being named a 2021 one-to-watch by NME as part of jazz crew Calabashed as well as contributing vocals for two Mercury-nominated albums. His latest single is capable of lifting our spirits and making us feel good, demonstrating once again the healing powers that music has when it is created from honesty.
“Leone Ross is one of my best friends, godmother to my daughter, and legit one of the reasons I’m still alive. I told her I’d write her a song. She likes it. Everything else is extra,” Idehen says when asked about his new track, which couples brilliantly with his trademark poetic lyrism and an infectious gospel chorus. True to his way of understanding music and with a powerful and deep voice that makes us instantly connect with his creations, the single is perfectly balanced and shines with almost hypnotizing energy.

Having released singles with millions of listens like My Queen is Ada Eastman, his new release I Got You Every Step Of The Way shows that his work cannot be classified in any specific category and that his talent is overwhelming. He keeps exploring gospel house, rave and spoken word, in the vein of artists such as Faithless or The Streets, and the artist promises to give a lot to talk about in the near future.