We already anticipated it in July 2021, when we featured his single Gold Rush included in his EP The Thing About This Is… Jonny West is an artist immersed in an unstoppable process of development since we discovered him on American Idol, and he has not stopped working since then consolidating as one of the key profiles in the music scene. Making self-knowledge one of the pillars of his art, he now presents us his new music video, Past Nights. One more step in his career demonstrates that the artist has enormous potential and many more facets to show us.
Having released singles that surpassed or bordered on a million views on Spotify such as All The Words and Makin' LovePerformance Version, Jonny West is a master of not taking things too seriously. The maturity and innocence of youth are found in a musical universe that he continues to discover as he progresses along his path, making his releases exciting yet relatable pieces. Emotions and mental health, an issue that affects us all and that is gaining more and more ground in conversations, are also very present in his way of understanding life and music.

Directed by Brian Niles, the music video for Past Nights lets us get to know the singer a little better. “Cover my back don’t cover my last life, dead to me you said you’d be,” he sings in his latest single, which he has just unveiled and we present now on METAL. And as we said more than half a year ago, his vision is now more necessary than ever. We reaffirm our premise and are convinced that a very exciting future awaits the artist.