Fighting the feeling that leads us to cling to certain people even if it hurts us, Jenny Kern releases her new single, Move On. The Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based indie dream/pop artist acknowledges the need to let go of someone or something and speaks about the importance of distancing yourself from everything that causes damage and working through your emotions to ultimately find inner strength and confidence.
This is a direct invitation to the audience to connect with their feelings, be aware of the effect that certain people have on their life, and take care of themselves, first and foremost. “This song is about moving on after the end of a relationship. It’s an anthem, a sort of charging forward and getting to understand what you want,” says the songwriter when asked about the starting point of her new single, Move On, which she wrote with Rich Tuorto in one afternoon at his studio in Brooklyn. “I came in with a chorus idea, Rich got on the Juno and it all just fell into place… I’m so proud of what it became and what we created. I feel like this song not only represents a literal moving on from a past relationship but also a new beginning as an artist.”

Starting from the vulnerability we feel when we don't know what decisions we should make and channelling those emotions into an empowering attitude, Kern's soaring voice oozes pure emotion, creating a heartbreaking yet empowering atmosphere while still being truly relatable. Although it may seem that the world ends when a person leaves our lives, the singer reminds us that we must remain hopeful and put ourselves first, caring for our well-being and mental health.