Jen Awad makes us reconnect with music in which the power of the vocal ability plays a fundamental role. The musical project led by the Peruvian-Egyptian from Los Angeles soul artist demonstrates amazing talent and it's about to make waves with her debut album Existential Daydream. Today she’s releasing her new single, Modern World, which is part of her awaited unreleased album 70s-80s inspired album produced by Eric Jackowitz, expected to drop this summer. We embark on a journey to one of the most brilliant eras of music to which the artist adds a dose of contemporaneity and personality.
“We were inspired by a very strange party I had attended. I had a spark with some guy in a pearl jam shirt (hence the lyric). We instantly clicked but I could see that my bestie was laying it on thick with him and didn't know how to navigate,” Awad replies when asked about the starting point of her new song, Modern World, which she co-wrote with her friend Leora Malka. “I've always been quite shy about telling someone I'm into them and tend to give my friends first dibs. It's lame and weird, but I'm sure I'm not alone.”

In her powerful voice, we notice significant reminiscences of the unmistakable Amy Winehouse and Tina Turner. In fact, the release that she now presents was very Whitney inspired at first because the singer was practising Home for a birthday party. “But then she took a turn into Johnny Marr-inspired licks style with some Tina grit when we began the recording process,” she adds. An accidentally inspired 80s anthem for modern times.