The fashion French house receives Lotta Volkova for this ready-to-wear collection – a collaboration we never thought would happen but we're happy that it's here. The iconic Russian stylist is one of the key figures behind fashion’s most popular moments and is said to be behind Vetements’ rise back in 2014, having worked closely with Demna for years. Nowadays, she’s a stylist for both Vetements and Balenciaga, yet she has also been at the forefront of publications such as Dazed & Confused. Nevertheless, what solidifies this collection with Jean Paul Gaultier is her alt-punk, fetishistic, BDSM and post-Soviet aesthetic which blends seamlessly with the Enfant Terrible’s legacy.
Some staples in this collection are cone bras’ – which we immediately associate with iconic singer Madonna –, baby-doll dresses, deconstructed tailoring and the return of the naked dress from the Fall/Winter 2005, that have now resurged and have sparked a new trend through several reinterpretations seen in brands like Y-Project, Constança Entrudo or Sinead Gorey. But let’s not forget the shoes, which are a reinterpretation of their Mille Pattes from Spring/Summer 1992. Overall, Volkova’s BDSM take is seen in the collection as a whole. As always, another great move on Jean Paul Gaultier's behalf – not bad for a brand that has sworn off the runway!
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