In February 2022, the Internet flooded with pictures of Bad Bunny wearing a little pink dress while showing off his muscles. That was the start of a fruitful relationship between the Puerto Rican artist and French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus. Today, the unlikely pair is breaking the internet once again with the brand’s Les Sculptures campaign, which puts Benito Martínez aka Bad Bunny atop a pedestal – literally and metaphorically.
Both Simon and Benito have risen to fame because of their artistry and their unique connection to their audience. The French designer has become a global sensation whose clothes and out-of-the-box accessories are among the most coveted right now. On January 29th, Jacquemus presented his new Spring/Summer 2024 collection, titled Les Sculptures, in the beautiful Fondation Maeght, which hosts artworks by artists such as Giacometti, Miró, Calder and Ellsworth Kelly, among others. True to the brand’s DNA, Simon linked the sun-drenched South of France with contemporary art and his sculptural fashion. Oh, and let’s not forget that some of his loyal fans-cum-customers-cum-friends like actors Julia Roberts and Aron Piper, singers Jack Harlow and Aminé, or models Vittoria, Emily Ratajkowski, and Imaan Hammam were there tu support him.
If the first campaign that paired up Jacquemus and Bad Bunny was more tongue-in-cheek, playing with preconceptions around masculinity vs femininity, bright pops of colour, and the most streamed artist on Spotify frolicking around Miami, the campaign of Les Sculptures feels more serious. Again lensed by Theo De Gueltzl, these shots of the singer feature him atop different pedestals, turning him into a work of art to be admired, sensed, and felt, while rocking some of Jacquemus’ latest designs including lots of sculptural tailoring.