With Sequins, his latest single, Jack Kane weaves his intimate lyricism into a calming indie pop tapestry. The immediate sound is this gentle transition between major to minor chord through the lullaby of an acoustic guitar. This beautifully simple chord progression persists throughout the song, moved to the background as vocals telling this emotional story of addiction as coping are placed delicately on top, culminating in this emotionally charged musical atmosphere.
Kane creates this musical space that mirrors the one detailed in the song – a liminal space post-3 am of neither night nor day yet, where everything and everyone is slightly out of reach, and Kane is determined to transport listeners there with him. The lyrics melt perfectly into this scene, creating this dream-like barrier between the two subjects in the song as his voice rings out ultimately in the final chord.

Refining a sound and creating a name for yourself in such a saturated industry is no easy feat, which is why it is so impressive that Kane has succeeded in only eighteen months, amassing over 200,000 listeners and fans of his distinctly warm indie pop sounds. His work, which has notably already captivated the attention of the likes of BBC Introducing, Clash Magazine and Wonderland, is a gentle revival of meditative indie pop, and we’re looking forward to the journey he takes us on next.