His music is his therapy, and he turns it into a personal language with which he expresses his deepest feelings. Sung stories in which truth and honesty prevail, and through which the Hackney-born and raised artist J Appiah experiments with different contemporary musical genres, to which he adds notes from the past achieving a very personal result. He now releases his new single WYHG (Where's Your Heart Gone), along with a music video directed by Lloyd Wakefield with which he injects Blackness into Britpop, and in which we notice references to nineties' pop culture.
Love is a fundamental pillar of his compositions, but not an ideal or utopian conception of it. His vision of this very human feeling is far from unreal worlds, being inspired by the reality that he has lived throughout his life in Hackney. Existential questions that he shares with his audience in the form of real experiences and feelings that, far from giving a manipulated or thoroughly thought-out image, recreate the purest essence of the artist. And his new single leads to a big question full of meaning: where has your heart going?

After a hiatus in his career and having reconnected with music, luckily for his fans the singer-songwriter whose songs are autobiographical is now releasing his third single of 2021, just before the end of the year. He had previously unveiled Bitter x Sweet and Breathe, two releases that now lead to Where's Your Heart Gone. This new single comes along with a music video in which we follow J Appiah through different scenarios, in an audiovisual piece that starts from introspection and invites us to accompany him on his journey through emotion. We will have to wait to see what 2022 holds for the artist, but we are sure that he will continue to surprise us with new and exciting projects.
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