iVANA makes music a way to channel and express what she feels, the emotions she needs to release in some way. Her honest lyrics and her ethereal and dreamlike soundscapes make her an unfiltered artist for whom the truth of the message is extremely important. Her latest release, CAN'T, is a perfect demonstration of this vision in which different interpretations meet with feeling overwhelmed after others continue to disrespect her established boundaries.
“It also entails being a friend who is close but also distant. I have a difficult time maintaining friends because I value my alone time and struggle with mental health issues. That's not an excuse, but I easily become overwhelmed, entirely withdraw, and unwittingly ghost my closest friends, ”replies the singer when we ask her about her latest single, CAN'T, which comes after having released YO-YO together with Brodie Harvey. The themes she addresses in her songs are especially relevant in a world where limits are sometimes difficult to set and many people don’t respect them.

“I've created this ‘boundary’ in each of my relationships so that my friends understand that my distance from them is unrelated,” adds iVANA. This is a plea in favour of sincere and open communication, even more so when it comes to close friends or people who love and appreciate us, as a way of being one hundred per cent ourselves and taking care of ourselves as much as possible. We are not all the same, nor do we relate to others in the same way. And this single reminds us not to extrapolate our way of seeing the world to everybody.