“Something big is coming,” with this phrase the makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench warned us a few weeks ago of the revolution that was to come to Isamaya Beauty. A rocket taking off, flowers blooming, mushrooms growing and red lips among a multitude of phallic elements form this enigmatic collage of images, with which the makeup artist surprises us on her social media, as part of the launch campaign for her new lipstick collection: Lips.
Isamaya Ffrench is renowned not only for being one of the industry's leading makeup artists, but also for her special and unique understanding of beauty. She creates images, characters and narratives that subvert aesthetic convictions. On this occasion and without censorship, she turns around one of the most anchored constructs in our society, the woman as an object, and does it ironically in the simplest and most effective way, turning the penis into an object.

Provocative and fun, this line challenges the image of cosmetics and body taboos, making use of sex and seduction. The photographer and Creative Director Zhong Lin has been in charge of orchestrating the suggestive campaign, which has been launched progressively, letting us see a little bit more each time, until we reach the desired member completely. Seductive images where red is the protagonist, playing with metallics and with a sometimes naive, sometimes daring attitude. This irreverent proposal has broken the internet and sold out shortly after its launch. The daring collection has caused a sensation and generated a lot of controversy due to the penis-shaped design of the lipsticks.

A metallic, polished, elegant, attractive and most importantly refillable penis arrives just in time for Valentine's day keeps in its interior a vibrant red lipstick with a glossy finish under the name Cardinal, made of liquid pigments suspended in solid oil. The other lipstick in the collection, Vanity, is a black water balm with a sheer finish, which leaves a veil of shine, a plumper look and a soothing sensation on the lips. For those of you who are looking forward to it, the brand has announced a restock soon and more colours throughout the year.
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