Hyères’ International Fashion and Photography Festival has walked a long way since its inception almost thirty years ago. The festival seems to have reached a nice mature age, invigorating worldwide talent and being able to attract the best of both photography and fashion design fields by reuniting some of the most well known names of the sector.
The festival jury will be headed by Paco Rabanne's artistic director, Julien Dossena, who is joined in this duty by a bunch of designers, creators and artistic names like Pierre Hardy, Nicole Phelps, Tomoko Ogura, and Barcelona-based artist and publisher Luis Venegas among others. With lots of festivals of this kind taking place around the globe, this one looks particularly promising: it was born with the one and sole purpose of launching, nurturing and promoting the talents rising up out there, joining forces with the big ones and giving shape to the whole system.

The competing designers and creators must feel pretty overwhelmed to see some of the biggest names in the industry ready to boost their careers, such as Première Vision, one of the leading forces of the textile industry, or Chanel and its affiliate Paraffection giving technical support to the winning designer, by letting him or her in inside the ateliers of the Parisian house. The winning individual of the Festival will also have the chance to design a custom silhouette for Chloé related to the aesthetic of the house.

We don't want to unveil too much though –just keep an eye on what's going on in Hyères these days–, but we are highlighting the ones whose work clearly stands out. Also, the festival is making room to showcase the photographic work of Hervé Lassïnce, full of references to everyday living; Evangelia Kranioti, whose work focuses on the journey of cashmere since it is initially produced and manufactured in Asia to the proper treatment it receives in Scottish lands; or even other fresh options related to the publishing field such as The Ephemera of Fashion, which will let us have a profound insight into the amazing venture of the publication and creation of exhibitions dedicated to photographic and fashion books.
The Festival International de Mode et de Photographie is taking place at Villa Noailles (Hyères) until the 25th of April 2016.
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Laura Boned
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Clara Daguin
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Hanne Jurmu & Anton Vartiainen
Hyeresfestival Metalmagazine 5.jpg
Shohei Kinoshita
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Yuhei Mukai
Hyeresfestival Metalmagazine 7.jpg
Wataru Tominaga
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Hyeresfestival Metalmagazine 9.jpg
Hyeresfestival Metalmagazine 10.jpg
Anaïs Boileau
Hyeresfestival Metalmagazine 11.jpg
Maja Daniels
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Louise Desnos
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Hyeresfestival Metalmagazine 15.jpg
Hyeresfestival Metalmagazine 16.jpg
Sasha Kurmaz
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Ilona Szwarc