“What we are trying to do is blur the line between design, quality and price,” replied Fran Marchena, CEO and co-founder of the most famous designer sneaker brand in recent times, HOFF, the last time we spoke with him. But as if that were not enough, now they are ready to blur the boundaries between generations with their new release, METRO, the design that they’re presenting today that promises to captivate the Z generation. This model maintains the essence of the brand that we already find in its well-known silhouettes inspired by art and cities around the world, but they bet everything on simplicity.
Collaborations with creatives and designers, unforgettable events loaded with music and art, and plausible international expansion are some of the factors of HOFF's success. A project born in 2016 that has grown by leaps and bounds offering a product that brings authenticity to those who wear it, and in which comfort is not at odds with design. Not much less. Now we present their new METRO silhouette, with which they add six models to their catalog of sneakers.

Condensing the DNA of the brand and managing to make a basic piece with which to partially set aside the colors that characterized the project, METRO is inspired by the most well-known metro stops around the world, from Termini or Piccadilly to Retiro, Grand Central or Montparnasse. A landing of a way of understanding design and functionality that continues to stay connected with the spirit of the street, with the needs of its clients and with other artistic disciplines, achieving interesting synergies.

But if there is something that stands out about this new model, it is its soles made with fibers from recycled materials. One more example of the brand's environmental commitment, whose philosophy has always included respect for the ecosystem and the search for new solutions that are less harmful to the planet. We see this commitment not only in the soles, but also in the practices of the sneaker development process. According to studies by the BCOME sustainability platform, 16% have been saved in water consumption compared to conventional methods on the market and 36% of CO2 emissions have been avoided.

Linked to the world of skateboarding, the campaign we are now presenting has been photographed by Hana Knizova in Vltavská metro, a metro station converted into a skatepark in Prague. One more demonstration of the coherence of all the actions led by HOFF, who in these images has also opted for two skater models. METRO, both for male and female audiences, is already a reality. And you can get them both on their website and in their physical stores. Because nothing more urban and cosmopolitan than a metro stop.
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