She is one of Metal Magazine 34 covers’ podium faces, and now, with her presence also on video, Hari Nef reinvents and reaffirms the confidence in the self with mastery. With twenty two years old she speaks about charm, nature and beliefs with her calm and deep voice, showing grace and a taste of wisdom of the young generation inside the fashion industry and she makes part of.
“I always wanted to be beautiful, until I decided I was”, she says, feeling that the beauty itself comes genuinely from the soul and that could easily be understood as another definition of the determination concept, or as a purely state of mind. With tenacity in the thoughts and fearless attitude wearing silver Acne boots, Nef is committed to what she really feels real and natural; to what her senses desire to communicate. “I chose something to identify myself as that allowed me to move most casually and calmly through life. Something to set myself up for aging. I think that’s what my identity is about. It’s not like feel from the bottom of my soul that I was supposed to be born some way”, telling in these words that in the end she is just a rebel with a noble cause, writing the History of models even before it can be called History.
Inside number 34 of Metal Magazine you will be able to read the interview The art of the Self Making, where Hari Nef exposes her mind and her life choices, her passions and obsessions with the type of freedom that only suits her and only she is allowed to speak about. Grab a copy and get immersed in it.