If you're an electronic music enthusiast, you're likely familiar with Halina Rice's work. Her previous release was described as “modern electronic music at its finest” by Headphone Commute. Now, one year later, she surprises us with a new EP, NEW BASIS, in which she delves into the realms of collision and contrast within her music.
How to make electronic music transport you to the classical? We'll have to ask Halina; the harmonies she works with lead us to a classical composition that evolves almost into a trance. There's a certain spatial element, almost like traversing a galaxy. Within it, everything feels familiar yet not entirely so. It may stem from the fact that the four songs constituting this release were meticulously crafted from a rich tapestry of multi-layered foley recordings, seamlessly interwoven with the haunting resonance of detuned synthesizers and carefully curated samples. Within this musical alchemy, the demarcation between the organic and the inorganic beautifully dissolves.

What sets Halina Rice apart is her commitment to multidimensionality, a commitment exemplified through her collaboration with visual artist Freny Antony. Together, they embark on a creative odyssey that commences with 3D scans of natural objects, much like the percussive elements crafted by Rice herself, these scans are then subjected to meticulous transformations and artful distortions. In the artist's own words, it becomes "a process of experimentation for both Freny and me–a reimagining of these objects and the discovery of novel shapes that captivate us with their intriguing fusion of unfamiliarity and elegance.”

If you happen to be in London on the 3rd of October, you should make your way to the Village Underground, where she will be unveiling her new immersive show in conjunction with this latest EP. If not, don't fret—spring 2024 brings her on tour, and you won't want to miss it.