Gucci and SuperRare have partnered up to present Vault Art Space, an online space that explores art and the metaverse. Their first exhibition, The Next 100 Years of Gucci, features twenty-nine artists, who have represented the House’s heritage through NFT artworks. The pieces will be showcased and auctioned off on Vault’s website in three drops – the first is open until July 1, the second is open from July 7 to July 15, and the third is open from July 21 to July 29. All sales are in ETH.

The Next 100 Years of Gucci
looks upon the House’s past to project their future. From the elegant yet mysterious works of Alanna Vanacore to eBoy’s pixelated personas, this exhibition transforms the Gucci ‘persona’ through various perspectives. As part of the Vault’s goal to support up-and-coming talents, the Vault Art Space takes Gucci into the metaverse, pushing the House to explore the rich diversity within the digital web3 art realm. Gucci has eagerly ventured into this journey, having purchased the SuperRare DAO native token, $RARE.

This exhibition, however, is about more than just showcasing art – it’s about understanding it. Gucci and SuperRare will host three Twitter Space conversations, where participating artists will dive into their works as well as their perspective on art and technology in today’s society. These talks will be mediated by writer, artist and curator Rowynn Dumont, and will be available to listen to as episodes of the Gucci Podcast.
Gucci X Super Rare 8.jpg
Alanna Vanacore
Gucci X Super Rare 7.jpg
Aliina Kauranne
Gucci X Super Rare 5.jpg
An Chen
Gucci X Super Rare 11.jpg
Antoni Tudisco
Gucci X Super Rare 2.jpg
Dārta Katrīna
Gucci X Super Rare 3.jpg
Gucci X Super Rare 10.jpg
Kris Andrew Small
Gucci X Super Rare 12.jpg
Sasha Katz
Gucci X Super Rare 1.jpg