Gottmik’s infectious laughter, jaw-dropping makeup skills, and a couple of tricks up her sleeves turned her into one of the best drag queens to ever grace RuPaul’s Drag Race. Her Paris Hilton impersonation playing Snatch Game or her fabulous looks at the ball challenge earned her a couple of wins during her season and landed her in the top four. But that was three years ago already, and since then, the first-ever transgender man to compete on the TV show has grown a lot.
So far, he’s a published author together with Gigi Gorgeous, has teamed up with bestie and season nine winner Violet Chachki on a shady and fun podcast, has graced the cover of magazines like British Vogue, and is now coming to Barcelona to perform at this Sunday’s Iconiqa party in Razzmatazz (in the latest edition, we welcomed drag royalty Amanda Lepore and Hungry). Today, we get together with Gottmik to discuss makeup trends, astrology, and drag queens on the internet.
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Hi, gorge! Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. I loved the quote “Time to crash the cis-tem” when you first entered the Werkroom. That was back in 2020 (when you recorded it). How do you feel you’ve crashed the cis-tem these past years? What else do you have left to do to make it burn completely?
Hi gorge! Wow, I can’t believe it’s been three years since filming that! I’ve been able to crash the cistem all over the world and connect with so many amazing supporters that have kept me going. I’ve gotten to write a book with Gigi Gorgeous about our journeys transitioning from both sides of the spectrum called The T Guide; I’ve gotten to start a podcast with one of my favorite fashion icons, Violet Chachki, called No Gorge, and I’ve gotten to be on the cover of British Vogue, walked in amazing runway shows, and truly lived out so many of my dreams. This upcoming year, I’m definitely going to be working hard on some more solo endeavors like my music, my makeup career, and so much more. I’m very excited!
You’ve just turned 27 this year, which is a very special age. It’s when the famous Saturn return starts, and you get to think about your future in a new light. Have you noticed the influence of the stars already?
I actually just went on a date with this guy and we read my chart, and my Saturn return doesn’t start for another few years, so I still have a minute before the stars get me. I have however really been manifesting new things and trying to positively shift my life. I kind of was in a weird place the past year, so I’m definitely taking control and making sure I’m staying on a positive path.
Staying on the topic of astrology, you’re a true Leo: highly energetic, the centre of attention, a tad (or a lot) egocentric (no judgment here, of course!). What’s your relationship with astrology like? Do you check Co-Star and The Pattern to see what the day has in store for you?
I love astrology. I really believe in manifestation and energy, so I love checking what every app has to say. And I also love comparing compatibilities and charts with everyone around me.
You’ll be at Iconiqa in Barcelona on Sunday. That’s exciting! What can we expect from your performance?
Yes, I’m going to be there this weekend and I am SO excited. I keep going back and forth about what I am going to perform and what I’m going to wear, and I think I’m going to keep it very classic Gottmik with some high energy rock and roll artistry.
I like to ask performers and singers what their rituals are before going on stage. As a drag queen, your rituals are almost routine: getting dressed, the hair and makeup, etc. So besides transforming into Gottmik, is there anything else you like to do to prepare yourself for the audience? A little prayer, a ciggie, some sort of meditation, repeating affirmations in front of the mirror…?
I really love drag because it’s such a high energy art form, and I really like to keep the energy exciting and fun the whole time, so my perfect ideal ‘ritual’ I guess would be getting to the club and immediately vibing with everyone else working there! Whether that means dancing, cocktails, pictures––whatever needs to happen to get me laughing and having fun. And then I’m ready for anything!
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In the latest edition, we saw Amanda Lepore and Hungry, two opposites of the spectrum: Amanda is full glam, sex, all-things-shiny, and opulence, while Hungry is more on the dark, gloomy, weird side. I feel like Gottmik can play both. In what ways does your drag queen persona let you explore more sides to your personal identity?
When I started drag, I hadn’t begun transitioning yet, but when I was in full drag artistry everyone thought I was a cisgender man in drag and I LOVED that. It really started helping me explore my gender and overall identity, and then the more I transitioned medically and got comfortable with who I was out of drag the more I was able to experiment with who I was in drag. The level of femininity I can play with now is ten times more what I was comfortable with even a year ago, and it’s so cool to be able to push boundaries through glamour and art.
I guess you’ve seen the trend on TikTok about ranking the queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s been funny to watch Detox, Brook Lynn Hytes or Jasmine Kennedie do it while commenting on it. But I haven’t seen you do it yet… Are you avoiding getting into trouble? Or just avoiding social media in general?
I definitely think I’ve stepped back from social media a bit the past year or so. Not avoiding anything per se, but just was in a place where I needed to focus on me and my life and so social media unfortunately has kind of taken a back seat. Violet Chachki and I just relaunched No Gorge, so I definitely am starting to get back into it because we have worked so hard on this show.
Speaking of social media, many queens have very successful careers on the internet through podcasts, series, etc. The most famous examples are Trixie and Katya, but your pairing with Violet Chachki is nothing short of amazing: it’s gorge, fun, and shady. How does working in the digital world compare to real-life performances? What does each offer to you to express your creativity?
Working with your best friend is truly a gift. I love being able to work both online and in person with Violet. Our online show is fun because we just sit and talk to each other about whatever we are feeling that day while wearing fun looks and laughing, whereas in person I get to feel the energy or all of the fans and just let go on stage. It’s so powerful and you get a rush that is unmatched. I am so blessed to have both creative outlets in my life and I truly love doing both!
As a makeup artist, I’d love you to comment on what are your favourite and most hated current trends in beauty. Boot or toot…? Whatever you please.
My favorite and least favorite trends are always changing, but I think my least favorite trend right now is this ‘no makeup makeup’ situation a lot of drag queens are doing. I definitely support expressing yourself how you want, but most of us need a little bit of makeup and a bit more than an Ardell lash to get the job done! We aren’t all Plastique Tiara!
My favorite current trend would probably be how much under eye highlight I’ve been seeing in the drag scene. Even when it looks insane for some reason, I’m just obsessed. I want SO MUCH under eye highlight on everyone!
To finish. Trans people are often asked about ‘trans issues’, but cis people don’t get those questions. Same goes with women being constantly asked about sexism while men don’t, or Black people having to answer about racism instead of white people. So, after many, many interviews, is there anything you haven’t been asked but would like to answer? Giving you all the space to discuss whatever you wish.
I love being able to discuss trans issues. Worldwide trans rights are under attack more than ever, so being able to share my story and take up space is so important. We have to be a community and support each other more than ever, so be loud, be proud, go to your local drag shows, watch queer TV and movies, and fight for your brothers and sisters in our community that need us! Thank you so much for this interview and allowing me to be here, it’s been amazing. BYE GORGE!
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