We embark on the latest journey undertaken by Glor1a, Sad Surveillance, a single included on her just-released Metal EP whose music video is being released today. Directed by Brazilian-born Berlin model, artist and image-maker Enantios Dromos, the new work by the Black gynoid female artist who emerged from a data-mining experiment that aimed to understand collective human collective consciousness invites us to join her in a psychological adventure set in her studio. An audiovisual piece that leaves no one indifferent.
“During times of restraint, this track reminds us of the beauty of the other human – to honour their existence and reach ecstasy to release tragedy,” said Glor1a the last time we spoke to her, in the midst of a global pandemic and just after releasing her single Juice. Since then the artist has not stopped working, unveiling her new EP, Metal, just a few days ago. A work composed of seven expansive tracks with which she documents and reflects on the complexities of contemporary societies, championing a unique style featuring productions from Ikonika and Gaika.

Produced by Enantios Dromos and Sscopeta Shepard, the Sad Surveillance music video let us get to know more about the singer's hypnotising creative and musical universe, watching her experiment with sound in the quintessential temple of artists: the studio. The single is followed by songs such as Control or Cracked Out Dreams on her Metal EP, released on The Spectacular Empire label via Invisible Records, in which intergalactic notes, melodies that inevitably take us to industrial locations and continuous experimentation makes her new job a surprising new episode in Glor1a's career.
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