There is nothing more effective when it comes to empathising with the audience than turning to personal experiences, to episodes of our lives from which we have learned valuable lessons. Singer-songwriter Geena Kaye does it through music, a language she began speaking at the age of nine when she recorded her first original song about hurt, heartache and healing. She is now releasing her new EP, I Dreamed I Was You, Dreaming Of Me, along with the music video for the lead single, Blisters.
This new work is the organic response to a particularly complicated year, in which feelings have been difficult to identify, emotional ups and downs have become a constant and we have even come to feel lost in the unusual situation we have gone through. "All of the songs on this EP feel like that to me — like a cathartic release, the way you might feel dancing in a club full of strangers to your favourite song with tears streaming down your face or kissing someone you’ve been wanting to kiss for months for the first time,” says Kaye about her new project, whose songs are immersed in vulnerability, fears and internal reflections to openly talk about issues that affect us all.

Having grown up between Germany and the United States, the young artist never felt like she fully belonged to either country, and it is precisely that desire to connect with anyone who may feel the same way one of the pillars on which she builds her musical proposal. Blisters' music video, directed by indie-pop artist Tiger Darrow, is inspired by a breakup that takes a stolen t-shirt as its main element. A garment loaded with meaning with which she has closed a chapter in her life. Curious by nature, she now presents her promising EP, I Dreamed I Was You, Dreaming Of Me.
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