If you're a fan of nineties house music and you want to enjoy the start of the weekend in the best way possible, today is your lucky day because East London queer artist Garrett Paknis has just released Move Your Body, an intoxicating and sensual track that will give you a break from your everyday routine, problems and chores.
As the artist mentions: “Trauma gets stored in the body… and without breath work and movement, our anxiety and stress can escalate. I wanted to make a track that encouraged us all to let loose and have fun. Shake off the stress, you know?! With everything going on in the world, all we have is the power of choice and how we spend our time – it can either elevate us, or drain us and bring us down.” Along with creating music, Paknis is also known for practicing other disciplines, for example, he's also a dancer and he can do from ballet to voguing. Meditating and doing yoga has also helped him to get through tough situations.

With a house beat followed by the powerful vocals of singer Charlene Lite and some edgy, eclectic visuals, in Move Your Body we get to listen to Paknis singing about living in the present moment. This track is about letting go of negative thoughts, dancing and to enjoy yourself because, in the end, we only live once and, of course, from time to time we need to find those small moments in our day to dedicate to ourselves. And what better way to do it than by dancing?