Known for her 60s and 70s inspired dreamy imagery, the internationally-acclaimed British visual artist Nadia Lee Cohen captures the spirit of Americana at its finest, edging on the binary of virility and femininity. This time around, Lee Cohen has been tapped by Gant to direct, photograph and model in their latest collaboration with Wrangler inspired by the wild West.
Deserted mountain tops, hay stacks, whips, lassoes and a (fake) horse, the latest collaboration has all the ingredients for the perfect Hollywood Western film. Alongside Lee Cohen, model Momo Ndiaye can both be seen sporting the new thirty-piece collection. Blending East Coast coolness with typical Western attire, Gant x Wrangler offer denim bootcut jeans and its matching denim long-sleeve, an embroidered varsity jacket, brown corduroy trousers, and more.

Speaking on the collaboration, Lee Cohen says she wanted to recreate “traditional Hollywood screen tests,” being inspired from old Westerns her dad used to watch on TV. “Being subjected to those desolate technicolor backdrops and leathery sun soaked skin was probably the catalyst behind my love of cinema and Western culture,” she goes on to say. Cowboy hat on deck, Lee Cohen perfectly encapsulates the Western essence, with a hint of her signature camp style, in the coast-to-coast coalition. The collaboration is now available worldwide.
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