Just in time for the winter months ahead, 17-year-old TikTok star Gabriela Bee releases Maybe, her first-ever single today as a taster for what her future full-length EP might look like. A song that starts delicately with melancholic strings, she candidly sings of what the future might hold for her, thinking of all the possibilities ahead for the wide-eyed young artist.
In her own words, Gabriela has poured her heart out into this production and the string of singles to be released in the coming months, after deciding to dedicate the past year to perfecting her craft and working with other rising artists on the scene. The composition of Maybe hints to her artistic development, beginning with a sweeter, softer intro and ramping up the intensity with a post-punk-esque outro – with this single, Gabriela wants us to really listen to what she is saying, and take her seriously as she gradually moves away from her social media persona and showcases the real her through her music.
Known for her family’s huge presence on TikTok, Gabriela was always close to stardom from a young age, keenly venturing into the worlds of acting, gaming, and now singing. Speaking on her new ambitions, Gabriela wants to create her own story far from what social media has written for her – her dedication to this new album comes from wanting to be heard and understood for the parts people may not normally see online. As for her inspirations, Gabriela mentions artists ranging from Elton John to Billie Eilish, following in their stride but always putting her own heartfelt spin on their sounds with lyrics that come straight from the heart. Maybe, available to stream today, is a perfect example of just that.