Gabriel Mosses has managed to construct a visual identity that any creator in the world could only wish for. Despite his young age, he has managed to work with the biggest names, publishers, and brands. But what's more important than fame and recognition is that he has managed to show and portray his ideas and vision in an honest, consistent, and genuine way, making everyone adjust to his standards, not him adjusting to the others. As a way of looking back, reflecting on, and gathering the pieces that have led him into the position he currently is, the monograph Gabriel Moses: Regina was born. A book that opens the gate of his universe to us in a personal, sensible, and beautiful way.
The amount of work that can be done in six years can be huge, depending on the consistency of the creator; it can be enough or more than enough to fill a book compiling what the past years have signified for them. In photographer Gabriel Moses’s case, there’s plenty of material to do as many books as he wants, but the monograph Gabriel Moses: Regina is the perfect way to start. This six-year time period starts to count at only eighteen years old when his first deal was closed with Nike, quite the first job. From there, the road has been nothing but hard work, overwhelming creativity, and strong cultural impact, which have translated into some of the most iconic and meaningful campaigns brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Burberry have ever had.
Not subjecting to a unique form of expression with still images, Moses has been responsible for some of the most memorable music videos from the past years, like Little Simz's No Thank You and the anthem-like Fe!n  by Travis Scott, released just some days ago. His recognisable aesthetic, where the shadows, the deepnes of the colours, and the richnes of the textures act like an unspoken and intrinsic signature of his work, mark the visual codes that can be found in the book that features a long and interesting catalogue that mixes some of his most well-known pieces with never-before-seen content, designed by Hassan Rahim and edited by Katja Horvat. 
This is an archival and a summary of Moses' biggest influences and the result of their impact on his craft. It is an homage to the women in his life, and the name is a testimony to that. Regina is a word that has accompanied Moses throughout all his life. Meaning “queen” in Latin and being at the same time a female name, it is a word that, for him, signifies gratitude towards his mother, grandmother, sisters, and nieces that have all shaped him into the man he is. The book, aside from displaying his work, also has space for the most intimate side of the creator, with the inclusion of testimonies from persons dear to him, like Matthew Williams, Ciesay, Clint, Samuel Ross, and Slawn; screenshots of Instagram conversations and childhood pictures that result just as artistic as his own photographs.
There's a space for conversation as well, where in an interview style, Moses shares ideas about life, art, creativity, and the meaning of it all with none other than Skepta and Nick Knight, two names that in different ways have shaped a generation, in a similar way Gabriel is already starting to do. In 208 pages and with 150 colour illustrations, realising this April 9th, this volume is the perfect display of the rawness and the love behind the work of one of the most promising and already successful creatives of our time.
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