Fred Waves made his official debut in December 2022 with the excellent single Take My Time, and 2023 promises to be a great year of growth and progress for the music project. The Berlin-based Swedish musician and producer Fredrik Sundqvist released two new tracks, Sweet Haze and Dead Flowers, under his exciting new indie rock project a few months ago, and now he’s presenting Feel It In My Bones. And he'll be touring all over Europe this summer!
This new single speaks to the very origins of his indie rock project. Exploring feeling the dissonance of our inner lives with our immediate surroundings and realising that we can take over the reins of our lives, Feel It In My Bones reminds us that we can free ourselves from the real and imagined walls that try to make us conform and hold us back. It was written in his Katrineholm apartment, just as Fred Waves was about to leave his hometown for Germany in 2019, and it is about his five-year journey from his small town in Sweden to Berlin and Florida in an effort to bring his big indie rock dreams to life.

“The final version really encapsulates the spirit of this project and shows the musical ground on which the project stands, with its playful and classic indie rock roots. The song is about contemplating your past mistakes and realising that your future does not have to be chained down by them, you can dance through life instead!” says Fredrik about one of the first Fred Waves songs that were ever written, and it's been through a lot since the original version was recorded on an old MacBook back in 2019. You can see him on stage in Katrineholm, Sweden, on July 8, and in Berlin on September 2.
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