Crafting a heartfelt narrative that explores the notion that not all breakups need to be so bad, Etham is releasing today the second single from his upcoming EP, Guilty. The reading-based singer-songwriter now presents a new sneak peek of his upcoming project showcasing his remarkable talent and demonstrating his ability to captivate listeners with a diverse range of irresistible compositions. With this new single he shows again that the honesty of his lyrics added to his natural charm continues to be one of his great strengths.
Since he first burst onto the scene with his first EPs, Better Now in 2018 and Stripped in 2019, the artist has not stopped working to define a personal sound that differentiates himself in a music scene saturated with constant stimuli that push creators to create sometimes too fast, leaving no time for reflection and internal dialogues. Setting his own pace, the single off the EP, 12:45 (Stripped) quickly became a phenomenon, racking up a staggering sixty-nine million streams and counting. This is living proof that sometimes doing things your own way can make you achieve unthinkable successes, showing the importance that listeners give to the truth and identity of the artists.

Deviating from his piano-driven style and embracing the guitar, his new single Guilty delivers a hopeful message, emphasizing that even in the face of sadness and impending endings, there is room for peace and hope. Not losing optimism despite the difficulties of life and the episodes that sometimes prevent us from seeing the bright side of life, the minimal instrumentation allows his incredible vocals to shine brilliantly. And looking ahead, he has an electrifying lineup of performances scheduled in London and South Korea.