At a time when creators seem to bet it all on colour, trying to recreate a hopeful future after the pandemic, Berlin-based designer Esther Perbandt invites us to immerse ourselves in a haunting and enigmatic black and white universe. Accompanied by Moderna, a key piece in the electronic music scene, she presents the Berlin Beat collection, a proposal in which black becomes the true protagonist. And attention, because the video includes a star guest, who is just as admired he is as hated. That is Sven Marquardt, the Berghain bouncer and responsible for the audiovisual piece.
Perbandt created her collection in the middle of one of the greatest global health crisis, and felt the need to partner up with a leading creative colleague in the emerging Berlin punk and art scene. “We both have experienced how our country became one again from a different perspective, but with the same passion for the city’s creativity exploding once both energies started to melt,” explains the designer, who dedicates her new collection to the Berlin subculture. Inspired by the music scene and the clubs, she wants to remind us that the night scene will be back, and for this reason, she opts for garments that become protective shields with which to enjoy absolute freedom.

The video, in which the models seem to wake up from lethargy to enjoy life again after a difficult time, has its own rhythm. Moderna is responsible for this gloomy and catchy tune, in the form of a techno track, which you can already preorder, which evokes an emotional ecosystem where you can regain the excitement. This is also the first preview of her new label, which takes its name from her radio show, Brave New Rave. A creative synergy in which fashion meets music, under a common vision and a shared discourse, which shows once again that different disciplines must come together to achieve surprising results.
Esther Perbandt and Moderna Metalmagazine 1.jpg