Eric Martin, one of the original members of the iconic nineties house act Technotronic, known for co-writing the iconic song Pump Up the Jam – being its 32nd anniversary in 2021– , returns today, after having released two projects as Me-One with artists like Guru and The Roots, with a new classic house anthem titled Retroflows 83.
It's a simple and slick release as the lyrics keep repeating the refrain “F-R-E-S-H-E-ST,” voiced by master Akil the MC from Jurassic 5, to the rhythm of a gritty, nineties and anything but basic beat, very in tune with Martin's legacy. In his own words, this single is “If Hip-House was a geographical location, that would be where Retroflows 83 comes from.”

Following Pump Up The Jam's album anniversary, Eric Martin will be touring this summer across the world, through a playback of Technotronic's whole album from beginning to end, while the DJ blends and mixes over it. This is his way of still delivering in this day and age classic, bold house. It is about time!
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