Ena Swansea was born in 1966 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and studied film and painting at the University of South Florida. Swansea’s work has been displayed internationally at prominent establishments including MoMA. She likens her photographic process as “breaking down frames and re-working them into one image,” finely deconstructing the parallels of isolation, as people are not often conveyed in her poetic imagery. Her newest exhibition is titled green light at Ben Brown Fine Arts Gallery in London until July 30..
This exhibition will be held, in person and digitally and is the gallery’s first solo exhibition since lockdown. Swansea keenly associates the title to “the chance to at last put one’s foot on the gas, after being stopped and daydreaming outside of clock time, not knowing what day it is.”

Swansea’s paintings intricately twist and turn the paradoxical nature between location and dislocation, realism and dream, abstraction and representation. Her largely printed canvases tell a story of urban mastery, ‘slow painting’ and the humble boundaries of romantic mirages that investigate multitudinous ways to capture moments in time as they move swiftly into past time, with a hint of film-like qualities.
Ena Swansea's newest exhibition titled green light is now on view at the Ben Brown Fine Arts Gallery in London until July 30.
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