Scenarios is equally a record label, events brand, and artist collective founded in 2022 and based in Lisbon, Portugal. Some of the key members and co-founders of the group, Maga, Emmanuel Satie, and Sean Doron, have just released a strong and danceable house track titled Sleepless.
Scenarios can be seen as a multi-disciplinary collective, encompassing music, aesthetics, and live performances, with a focus on artistic cohesion. It is always interesting hearing a collaborative single, which brings together unique attributes of different musicians, and merges them into a single track. This is where Sleepless is at its strongest, melding dynamic percussion, catchy melodic keyboard loops, and ethereal vocal samples.
The track progresses much like your classic house track, beginning relatively bare-bones and building into a climax of dynamic ecstasy in the final minute. The track is held together with crystal-clear, refined production, and a tight roughly six-minute length. This gives a chance for the song to breathe, and emphasises its hypnotic nature.
The collective has been busy working on music and events worldwide since April of 2022, and this is another example of their strength and artistic chemistry as a collective.