Spring has arrived; summer is just around the corner, and with it, the need for a new soundtrack to match the light and bright vibes gets higher. Indie-pop is the perfect genre to accompany the good weather and the good vibes of this time of the year, and British singer-songwriter Ellysse Mason brings the perfect track to accompany these emotions with a feel-good song that invites us to take a deep breath, let loose, and leave the problems and issues behind. With nostalgic melodies imprinted with a positive message, Getting You Down definitely does its job.
Everyone has been through those moments where life feels too much; it seems like the problems accumulate, nothing makes sense, and you just can enjoy what the world has to offer. In a situation like this, a voice of reason is needed, and it's better if it comes from a relatable and familiar place, someone like a big sister or a good friend, for instance. In her new song and her favourite so far, Ellysse Mason plays this part as an almost peacemaker that invites us to look at the bright side of things and find the composure needed to leave the conflicts behind and make it out of them successfully.
With unmistakably familiar indie melodies and a voice that is at the same time unique and easy to listen to, the focus on the song goes to her lyrics and the narrative way they are constructed, like a real-life advice-turned-song. “It’s the voice that talks you down and helps keep your composure. My listeners know that I am a connoisseur of the bittersweet, so in classic Ellysse Mason fashion, the lyrical frustration is dressed up as a feel-good anthem. I love the vibe we’ve caught with this one, but do give it a proper listen to find the bitter in the sweet,” says the Manchester-born.
Get you down follows on from the April release of Cry Baby, which got its first play at the iconic BBC Radio 1, and gears up to the soon release of her new EP Wish The World Was Ending dropping later this year. With the taste of it we got, we can only imagine how great the rest of the songs will be.