“In the middle of the night, in the middle of the night…” Perhaps you're humming the melody of this song that’s been playing repeatedly on TikTok. Well, it’s by the American artist Elley Duhé. The single, released in 2020, has nearly a billion streams on Spotify and is one of the standout tracks from the album she’s releasing today, titled Phoenix.
As a foundational element, pop is her main genre, but she also knows how to work with drum and bass and electronic rhythms without losing her essence. Elley’s strong point are those catchy, exhilarating melodies that get stuck in your head for a while. Born into a family of musicians, it’s evident that she knows how to orchestrate the threads of her music with her producers, and at the same time, she possesses a voice that captivates us both in the lows and the highs.

was born from a place she describes as rock bottom, and it reflects a transformative journey. “I felt like a caged bird for so long who was finally set free, so now I’m learning how to fly and these songs are the experiences of my soul and my voice where’ve I’ve been and where I’m headed,” she comments on the inspiration behind the sixteen-track album.
It’s interesting to note the presence of country influences, for example in Tumbleweed, which reminds us that the American artist spent her childhood in small coastal towns. In Fighting For, the initial chorus can send shivers down your spine, unveiling Elley’s most vulnerable and authentic side. Pieces emerges as possibly the darkest yet most seductive track, with lines like “I’m gonna make you cry” exuding a dark feminine energy. In Color, Elley conveys the message that she can make the toughest decisions feel right and infuse the cold world with vibrant colours. Her voice exudes warmth. In Madness, she warns us: “I never let anything in.” If an image embodies her music, it’s that of a sunset where light and darkness intertwine, creating a bright yet melancholic landscape.
Elley Duhé’s ascent as a pop sensation is not only defined by her musical prowess but also by her remarkable ability to cultivate a substantial and dedicated fan base, and to forge a profound connection with her audience. Phoenix not only solidifies her presence but also exposes a sincere and vulnerable facet with which it’s easy to empathise and connect. She is undeniably more than just a TikTok sensation.