“This is the first song in years I’m putting out with no backing, no team and no external influences on what the music should sound like,” comments Elle Murphy on Own Your Shit, her new song out today. “I’ve been promised the world by many ‘industry people’ this year and I’m tired of waiting,” she concludes powerfully. Speaking openly about the pain she’s went through –and still is– after a tough heartbreak, the London-based artist’s single is an infectious pop anthem.
But Own Your Shit, rather than self-indulging in sadness or melancholy, is more like a self-reminder to “grow up and make better decisions,” Elle Murphy confesses. Because behind this song, there’s a story of overcoming pain and maturing as a person. “I was treated so poorly by this guy that I was very loosely seeing but was head over heels obsessed with. I was so embarrassed that it was taking me so long to get over him, so I was trying to make myself go on dates with other people to try and find someone else to be hurt about. If I was hurting over someone else, it wouldn’t be embarrassing that I was still hurting over this loser,” she explains. “Clearly horrible, dumb decisions that did not help anything. But I wanted to be a better person and stop being so sad all the time so I wrote this as a little reminder to myself.”
With that attitude, aiming to get better and never go back to that situation, Elle Murphy releases her second single this year. In lyrics like “I’m relying on drowning you out with something new to hurt more than it did with you,” she opens up to her listeners, a testament to how she’s freed herself from outside expectations and decided to take the reins of her music. Joining her in this new step in her career, producer Anonious Hanna stepped in to produce the song’s catchy melodies, which blend pop and R&B’s soulful undertones.