The passage of time has always been one of the most recurring themes among musical artists who, through their singles and music videos, have shared their thoughts about a reality that affects us all but not everyone perceives it in the same way. This concept has inspired some wonderful songs, including the new single by the Ivor Novello-nominated singer-songwriter ElinaI Should've Danced More. Nurtured in a small Swedish village embraced by serene Scandinavian forests, she now immerses listeners into a serene acoustic landscape of weightlessness and simplicity with her latest release.
“It's about conquering your fears and whatever it may be that is holding you back from living your life to the fullest,” says the artist about the second single from her highly anticipated debut album Whatever Happens Now and which she refers to as “a gentle reminder that life is short and is happening for us right now.” Elina gets ready to close a chapter on her forthcoming album, a stage of her life in which she has learned a lot about acceptance and letting go of resistance. "There's this glimpse of hope and peace to these new songs, which I think comes from a lot of positive change within," she adds.

But how was the creative process for I Should've Danced More and the accompanying music video? " I Should've Danced More is one of those songs that wrote itself. It came to us one late afternoon in the studio, right before we were leaving for dinner, and the first draft version we did at that time is the one that we decided to release. It's my favourite song on the album lyrically, and actually, the very first song ever that I've genuinely enjoyed listening to outside of work”.