An enveloping, sweet voice wraps us after a ten-second distorted noise that feels like an electronic keyboard. Eden Rain’s new single, Pet Names, feels like a warm hug on a breezy, cold afternoon. It’s odd to hear the Leeds-born, London-based singer in such a heartwarming way, but for her sophomore album, she’s decided to take things slow.  
But why that sudden change? “I wrote this song with the feeling of tenderness in mind. Wrote about someone people so kind and taking care of you when you feel unlovable and pathetic and useless. It’s sort of like that feeling where someone is so nice to you and treats you amazingly but you feel undeserving and a complete lame loser idiot,” she explains about her latest release. Unfortunately, this is an all too common feeling among many of us, especially when we’re down. “It’s crazy how someone can see so much good and tenderness in you when you don’t feel any of that towards yourself,” she continues.
The emerging artist has enjoyed a pretty successful year. Earlier in May, she released her first EP, Gutter Vision, which received the acclaim of both the audience and the media. More recently, she’s been hinting us with new singles like Terry and Julie and I Found My Brain, which are to be included in her second EP. After an increasing online following, she’ll be headlining The Lower Third in London on November 14th before a home town show at Oporto in Leeds on November 23rd.  
Back to the single, Eden explains that she titled it Pet Names “ because sometimes I can be a little disorganised chaotic mess and the people that love me, take to feeding me, cleaning up after me, taking me on walks…” Which just goes on to show that the tenderness found in her voice also translates into her personality. “I’m like a little pocket pet,” she concludes candidly.
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