Dr. Martens has done it again. The British shoe giant, which has been inspiring different generations for decades, is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the omnipresent Jadon Boot. And what better way to do so than by partnering with Ganni, the Danish fashion brand known for its playful, feminine, and sustainable designs?
From its low-profile beginnings in Copenhagen in 2000, Ganni has quickly risen to become one of the most coveted brands in the industry. The masterful fusion of Scandinavian cool, effortless chic and an unwavering dedication to crafting garments empowering women was the key that allowed Ganni to quickly become a hub for the city’s emerging fashion scene. Now, their unique style is blending together with Dr. Martens, an emblematic brand as strong as ever, to celebrate one of its most sought after shoes.
“Dr. Martens takes me back to my adolescence in the ‘90s, my favourite era ever. It is a brand with a lot of legacy and its boots have transcended generations, becoming symbols of subculture, self-expression, and individuality. Being able to collaborate with them on their boot Jadon is such an honour. We wanted to pay tribute to the music scene, which has been a huge inspiration to me and has always seemed like a place of connection,” says Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director of Ganni.
Ganni’s codes are unique, from the importance of sustainable designs to the ultimate technology and innovation implementations like Fabrics of the Future, Ganni is not afraid to break boundaries. With those innovations and values at its core, the boot is an updated version of Dr. Martens’ iconic Jadon. With its sturdy platform and yellow stitching, the Jadon has been a symbol of subculture and self-expression since its launch in 2013.
For the collaboration, the Danish brand has added its distinctive touch to the Jadon, incorporating its signature butterfly logo and dual branding. The boot has also been remastered with a mix of recycled materials, combining recycled polyester with leather-free materials. The result is a boot that is both easy to wear and bold. It is a fashion statement that celebrates the fight against conformism and invites you to do things your way while being confident.
“We love that Ganni’s bold, progressive spirit meshes perfectly with ours at Dr. Martens, and that’s what makes product design and collaboration planning fun: when the synergies of two partners can be integrated into perfection. Together, we have created a product that represents our two brands, a fusion of the DNA of Ganni and DM with the aim of ending 2023 on a high. And what better way than to celebrate ten years of our iconic Jadon boot, the platform that started it all,” says Darren Mckoy, Creative Director of Dr. Martens.
British photographer Grant James-Thomas masterfully lensed the collaboration’s visuals, complemented by an editorial featuring French musician and producer Oklou. The long-awaited collaboration is available from today, December 1st, and is available at drmartens.com, ganni.com,, and in select stores worldwide.
Dr. Martens X Ganni  231102 Ganni Dr Martens Backdrop 001 Cro P3.jpg
Dr. Martens X Ganni 231102 Ganni Dr Martens Backdrop 001 Cro P4.jpg