Since 1960, Dr. Martens boots have been known for their strength. It’s the footwear for your everyday, your special occasions, your travels, and your wild nights – of course, you know they endure everything you put them through and more. However, in today’s landscape, strength transcends being an impenetrable shield; it embodies vulnerability, courage, and introspection. In an effort to listen and give voice to the new generations, the brand launches a new campaign focusing on one central question: What does strong mean today?
Through short video capsules of less than sixty seconds, Dr. Martens reveals in its latest campaign Made Strong the stories of fourteen young artists, each presenting a distinct narrative, perspective, and a unique viewpoint of what it is to be strong. Like Motherlan, a multidisciplinary group of skaters from London, they encapsulate the potency of collective strength, highlighting the community’s vibrant essence. Or Niko Rubio, a Mexican singer and songwriter, that celebrates the resilience entrenched in personal identity and embracing our roots.
Saskia, dancer and founder of Sensoria – an initiative that promotes access to the arts for individuals with disabilities – talks about the resilience in our inner self: “I think strength is still perceived as something physical. For me, it changed when I became physically disabled, realising that waking up itself was a strength, seeing myself still worthy and valid was a strength.” As you see, each individual has its own definition of strength, so what’s yours?
Oh! And in addition to it, we have to talk about 14XX, the avant-garde innovation hub of Dr. Martens. Led by Tom Evans, DM’s Director of Innovation, the platform evolves classic silhouettes, embracing failure to break footwear conventions. Their Camden’s design studio fuels this revolution, and you can get a sneak peek of 14XX’s future-defining collection at their upcoming New York pop-up event. So, see you there!
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