La Fam brings us down the rabbit hole into a world of childhood fairy tales. Their latest photoshoot features experimental pop icon Dorian Electra, and aims to remind us of a time that was not plagued by seriousness and the pressures of being an adult. By contrasting soft blurs with vibrant colours, La Fam delightfully captures the nostalgia and playfulness of being a child.
Childhood is all about wonder, and who better than the exciting, alluring Dorian Electra to portray this feeling? For over a decade, the artist has been exploring different expressions of gender and identity, stirring an almost child-like curiosity within their own audience. In this photoshoot, Electra continues to deliver a sense of awe – La Fam portrays them as an exciting protagonist in a fantasy world, looking ready to battle a dragon in their colour-coordinated outfits. In short, they’re slaying in every way possible.

La Fam is also no stranger to the playful joy of childhood. Known for their colourful and fun designs, it’s not surprising that their latest photoshoot is just as exciting. However, even within this realm, they push the boundaries by creating images that are reminiscent of video games and shows in the early 2000s. By juxtaposing dreamy backgrounds with quirky, computer-generated characters, La Fam not only brings us back to the good old days, but makes us feel like we’re living them for the very first time again.
Dorian Electra X La Fam 1.jpg
Dorian Electra X La Fam 2.jpg
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