Donna Lewis’ new atmospheric song The Messenger is the first single to her upcoming album Rooms With A View. Taking inspiration from hardship, the LP responds to Lewis’ recent personal journey with cancer.
It’s always interesting to see the trajectory of an artist’s career. Some things can be predicted, and others are entirely unpredictable. From worldwide fame with I Love You, Always Forever, and a fifteen-year hiatus from making music, Donna Lewis has returned to music-making. This new track is an atmospheric ballad, the soundscape of which was crafted by Holmes Ives. The instrumentation is reminiscent of Lewis’ darker pop of the past, but the deep electronic sound makes it feel modern.

The Messenger
is clearly directly related to Lewis’ personal battle with cancer. She reflects on an unwelcome guest, who she can’t get to leave. Lewis’ characteristic hushed whispery vocals give the track a sense of mystery. The electronic soundscape takes a restrained approach, keeping subdued when needed, and climaxing towards the end of the song. This matches Lewis’ vocals especially well.
It’s super inspiring to see someone take hardship and transform it into creativity. Perhaps it is in tough moments that we find the most powerful inspiration. We are really looking forward to hearing the rest of the album soon.