Last year, the Maison presented their Dioriviera collection in a pop-up store in Ibiza, this year they're doing it again, this time around in the Spanish island but also in new locations like Beverly Hills, – at The Beverly Hills Hotel – Italy (in Como, Capri Riccio, Paraggi and Bodrum) as well as Montenegro. Welcome the summer in these coastal vacation havens with their Dioriviera and Beach Capsule collections. 
You'll get to see and buy these summer creations by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Kim Jones. A minimalist selection that includes the emblematic Toile de Jouy motif in a new wooden variation, this follows the vibes of the wallpaper that envelops the different pop-ups (at least when it comes to the Ibiza location). Each pop-up embodies a different fantasy, it presents us with a different vibe that encapsulates the lifestyle of each place. For example, in Como the pop-up is located in the Villa d'Este and features the Dior Fall 2023 line and includes the Jardin Indien floral motif, making each boutique unique.
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Beverly Hills
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