Parisian fashion has long been the zenith of romanticism and rigour, a legacy upheld by Dior over the years. Their narrative sees them evolving together, their paths interlocking as they forge forward. At one point, as they moved together, it seems they agreed that their inherent gentleness and classic nature could benefit from some ruggedness, a bit of roughening around the edges, if you will. One could naturally assume this through this new unprecedented mingling, where Dior and Stone Island collide to blend some Italian Nordic mastery of functional details and mechanical processes in the ever-so-elegant milieu of haute couture.
As it appears, the aforementioned path led by Dior Men’s Kim Jones has converged with the journey of Massimo Osti, the founder of Stone Island, who shares the same passion for perfection and excellence when it comes to processes and garment making. This new menswear collection stands tall with a renewed spirit, marrying the houses with a series of signs and symbols that proclaim their identity. 
Colour alchemy serves as the central theme. In the voice of the creators, “Stone Island’s signature garment dyeing is omnipresent, sublimating embroidery through a highly complex artisanal process (…) The footwear, also hybridized, celebrates both utilitarian forms and formal shoemaking, while the bags, more than ever, present the clearest vision of this contemporary virtuosity.”