Dior Men goes colorful for the Summer 2024 campaign, where Kim Jones orchestrates a captivating time travel between the old and the new Dior, infusing sophistication and modern reinvention into the Maison’s legacy.
Under the creative vision of Kim Jones, the playful fusion between the classic codes and the new wave has been evident. A five-year evolution of his direction inside the menswear line of the Maison has been enough to draw everyone in his unique mind. For the newest Dior Men Summer 2024 campaign, Jones takes the luxury house into a time travel between the old Dior and the sophisticated and modern reinvention of the Maison, supported by photographer Rafael Pavarotti. 
Emerging from the depths of Haute Couture, Dior’s iconic style has undergone a captivating transformation. Rafael Pavarotti’s masterful photography captures this enchanting evolution, creating a dreamlike narrative where masculine elegance entwines with the spirit of elegance.
Pavarotti’s artistic creations are distinguished by their daring and visually striking compositions, marked by vibrant hues. Renowned for his skill in turning models into sculptural entities, he excels in crafting images that captivate the eye and evoke deep emotions. For the Dior Men’s campaign, he took us into a masterclass of vibrant hues like blue, green, yellow, orange, and pink which conjure the vision of a garden inhabited by Hommes Fleurs (flower men), a concept envisioned during the menswear show. 
Does it get even better? This multifaceted tribute to Dior’s legacy transcends the confines of time and space, embodying the spirit of creative passion and freedom. Dior’s legacy spans from the sweeping silhouettes of the classy look to the rebellious edge of the new wave: Monsieur Dior’s beloved tweed adorns jackets, shirts, and trousers, imparting an air of timeless sophistication, all of that balanced by the perfectly tailored suits in neutral hues. The Dior Charm, adorned with the iconic cannage pattern, adds a touch of graphic elegance to handbags.
From exquisite classy eyewear to crafted leather shoes (including the Dior Buffalo loafers), the collection echoes the fusion of tradition and innovation. The quilted leather, meticulously crafted by Dior’s artisans, stands as a testament to the Maison’s enduring mastery of craftsmanship, ending up serving as a testament to Dior’s remarkable ability to reinvent itself while remaining true to its core values under the unique mind of Kim Jones.