Recognising excellence across arts, film, music, and sports, Dior Men continues to lead the way, this time by appointing Aurélien Giraul, the renowned skateboarder, as its newest Menswear Fashion Ambassador.
As the anticipation for the Olympic Games builds, securing the top talents in sports is a strategic move for fashion houses, and Dior seems to be leading the way. From gymnast Melanie de Jesus dos Santos to surfer Kauli Vaast, to wheelchair tennis player Pauline Déroulède, the Maison’s commitment to athletes has evolved into an exclusive partnership, with Giraud being the latest addition to Dior’s esteemed roster of ambassadors ahead of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
At 26 years old, Aurélien Giraud is not just a multi-award-winning world champion but also a prominent contender for the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris. His exceptional skills and style have garnered him numerous triumphs, establishing him as one of the most talented skateboarders of his generation. Now, in a unique alliance with Dior Men, Aurélien epitomises the essence of the Maison’s style, where sportswear seamlessly blends with reinvention. This collaboration is rooted in aspiration and self-transcendence, echoing the spirit of Dior's principles and marking a significant moment in the convergence of sports and high fashion. With his distinctive style and dynamic presence, Aurélien represents a new wave of athletes who transcend traditional boundaries and redefine the intersection of athleticism and style.