After its first appearance in Dior’s Spring/Summer 2000 ready-to-wear show (back in 1999), the Saddle bag has become a major staple of the Maison. It’s become a timeless icon, and it’s the perfect example of a cult object that bridges past, present, and future. Since Kim Jones took over Dior Men, he launched his own version for menswear. Now, for the Winter 23 collection, this key accessory gets a contemporary makeover with sleek and graphic lines.
Crafted in the all-new Dior Oblique Gravity leather, featuring a delicate, embossed cloudy effect, it epitomizes ultramodern flair while striking a perfect balance between style and functionality. The Saddle Boxy boasts multiple compartments and detachable straps, offering versatile ways to carry it. Available in a range of charming hues like black, plum, and yellow, this essential piece adds an irresistible touch of daring sophistication to any ensemble. Whether you’re a long-time Saddle enthusiast or new to the trend, the Saddle Boxy is set to make a statement in men’s fashion. Giddy up!
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