New filters are born every day. You’ve taken selfies as a rabbit, a dog, and a drag queen, and you’ve certainly used many others as well – from flower crowns to diabolical facial features, to the ‘pretty funny face’ and 3D makeup. Even artists like Filip Custic or Andy Picci have created their own so their work transcends the physical world. But if you think you’ve seen it all, just wait until you try a new one, made by none other than Dior.
In collaboration with the studio The Mill, the French maison steps into the rapidly growing world of facial recognition filters. First popularized by Snapchat and later developed by Instagram as well, their success doesn’t cease to grow. And so, Dior has reacted accordingly – and, thankfully, in a beautiful as well as practical way.

Inspired by the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, Dior’s Instagram filter lets the users try, virtually, the DiorSoLight sunglasses – the newly released frames, which are huge and come in three colours (black, white and pink). Together with the mask-like sunglasses, the filter also includes the Christian Dior J’Adior hair ribbons, perfect to complete the look. Now that the face is pretty enough (no one can look bad in those accessories), the background has to be beautiful as well. Don’t worry, Dior has you covered with a kaleidoscopic effect for the background, which changes depending on what’s the scene like behind you.

Now you want to try it, don’t you? We’ll make things easy then. Just by clicking here (from a phone device only), you’ll instantly get the filter. Hair is on point, the sunglasses look good, and the background is beautiful. Now, how many reactions will you get after sharing your selfie on your Instagram stories?
Dior Filtre 01.jpg