Dior keeps welcoming the highest profiles as ambassadors, from world-class champions like Pauline Déroulède to the Princess of Hannover, Alessandra de Osma, who has just become the first official ambassador in Spain of Dior Couture. Celebrating the birth of a new alliance, the French Maison and the new ambassador join forces to honour Maria Grazia Chiuri’s collections and strengthen even more the link between Dior and Spain.
What seems like sudden news, really isn’t. The relationship between the Maison and Alessandra de Osma dates back to about ten years ago, when the Princess of Hannover began attending the Maison’s fashion shows and wearing their designs in multiple events, building a strong and fruitful relationship between the two. Some of the latest examples of this long-lasting relationship are the green chiffon dress she wore to a wedding earlier this summer and the sleek yet cosy total black look she chose to attend Maria Grazia Chiuri’s latest show in Paris back in September.
From a master’s degree in fashion and business management to launching her own fashion brand, Alessandra Osma embodies the powerful, feminine, and elegant codes of the Maison, adding her unique essence and beauty. As the Maison says, “The Princess of Hannover now embodies the audacity, grace and elegance of Dior style, where femininity is constantly reinvented under the sign of plural beauty and creativity.”
This event represents an important step in the alliance between Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior collections and Spain, after projects such as the creation of the Bal à Séville dress by the founder couturier Monsieur Dior for the Spring/Summer 1956 Haute Couture collection and the Cruise show organised in Seville in 2023.